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RecoMed and Med-e-Mass is giving you the opportunity to get your practice online and into the 21st Century with RecoMed's online booking profiles. Complete the form below to learn more on how you can activate your profile!

Through Med-e-Mass you can get online with RecoMed from only R199 per month.

What does the RecoMed Online Calendar offer?

Get your Practice Online

Increased Revenue Opportunity

Doctors are receiving over 12 000 confirmed online bookings per month and this number continues to escalate.

Real-Time Appointment Availability

50% of appointments made online occur between 17:00 and 09:00 the next day.

Time Saving

A booking by phone takes 8 minutes. With RecoMed it takes 30 seconds.

Integration with Me+ and Elixir Live

Our calendar syncs directly with the Me+ practice diary. The Elixir Live integration is coming soon.

Dillip Naran, GM at Med-e-Mass

"We are very excited to work with RecoMed on this new venture!"